About the handling method of the product

Moisture, sweat, dust, etc. can cause discoloration and dullness of jewelry.Products that use adhesive may come off when they come in contact with water, so be sure to remove your jewelry when exercising, swimming, swimming in the sea, bathing, cooking, or washing your hands.Also, please be sure to remove it when entering the hot spring. Do not use the product during strenuous exercise such as sports, as it may cause injury or deformation of the product.

○Do not wear jewelry such as piercings in hot places such as saunas, or in extremely cold places such as ski resorts, as they may cause burns or frostbite.

○If strong force is applied to jewelry such as necklaces and earrings, the parts that connect them (such as jump rings) may come off or the chain may break.Please take it off especially when you put on and take off your clothes.

○There are sharp parts on the metal fittings, so please be careful and do not use them incorrectly.

○Dyed corners may fade due to water, sweat, or friction, so please be careful when wearing light-colored clothing.

○Please note that Nachi Black Stone is softer than other gemstones, so if you hit it against a hard object or drop it, it may break.

○In order to maintain the luster of Akoya pearls, you can use them for a long time by wiping them with a soft, clean cloth after wearing them. Also, since it is a delicate material that is easily damaged, it is recommended to store it separately from other jewelry.

○When not in use, store in a bag and store in a well-ventilated, low-humidity place away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, excessive dryness, and dust.

○Products with gold or silver foil attached may peel off due to impact. It may also come off due to friction. Please be careful.

○Depending on your constitution, itching and rashes may occur, so if you feel any abnormality on your skin, stop using and consult a specialist. Also, be careful not to accidentally swallow it by children. In case of accidental ingestion, please consult a specialist immediately.